Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I did not take this
I did take this
Natural Vision

My natural vision is raw, basic, and abstract. I try make my images simple, yet profound, and full of contrast. I want the people who look at my photography to have to look at it for a second, before fully realizing what it is. I want my pictures to have a stark, minimalist look, where smaller elements make up a larger picture. My best photos come are taken at a closer range, where all the emphasis is on one single object. I try to use depth of field in order to emphasize that object. I love the way manipulating depth of field can completely change the meaning and aesthetic of and image. It can also lead the eye to see things it would never notice otherwise. I try to see everything in a more abstract way. I think that the lens of a camera is a perfect tool for breaking down the world. When we view something as common as a building, a city street, or anything else we see everyday, we only see what it is. When you use a camera to break it down into different elements or isolate parts of it, the meaning can completely change. Everything is only as we see it, and a camera's lens can help us take things out of context, and find beauty or even meaning in the mess of things we see everyday. I want to find beauty, symmetry, and significance in everyday things.

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