Tuesday, March 5, 2013

My poem is called The city at night by Charlie Kane.

The city is very beautiful at night.To see the shimmering lights
In the buildings around,
Beacons to the minds eye.
The cars slide through the dark
And then disappear again
Into the dark corners of the nights.
The people weave in and out
Of the fabric of the night air,
Appearing briefly as a
Silhouetted puppets in the night sky.
The city is always very beautiful at night.

- Charlie Kane

Chose this poem because I have it at home, and i'm familiar with it. I like the simplicity of the words and it also fits the subject matter I enjoy shooting.

I like the look of this one although the images are too large. 
For my homophones, I haven't decided what I want to yet. However, I've shot 2 roles for a couple different sets of words.

My words:

peak, peek, pique
vain, vane, vein

My antonyms are granular and smooth, my synonyms are linear and unbroken.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Independent Project

For my independent project my initial plan was to shoot skiing. Unfortunately after 3 days of trying, nothing was coming out due to a scratch on the lens which refracted light in an ugly and blotchy way. I started shooting other aspects of the mountain and how we interact with it.

These are the three images that I am most happy with.

Love the wispy affect created by a long exposure.

15 second exposure, love the saturation.

Beautiful sunrise, one of the most peaceful moments of my life. 


My Diptychs and Triptychs:

Like the contrast, and the tension.

Loose Tea.

Like the contrast.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Ski Photography

For my independent project, I decided shoot the subject option. I am choosing to shoot skiing. Skiing has been an interest of mine forever, and as my interest in photography grew It only makes sense to bring the two together. I think that skiing has an eloquence that can only be captured in good photography, and good photographers transcend the sports photography field into art. 

Some of my favorites:

I like the colors. 

Freeze frame.

I like the contrast here. 

Action SHOT!

I love this picture. I love the way the skier is framed in the image. 

Awesome contrast, awesome subject. 

Awesome lighting.

Captures the Fun of skiing!!!

This is on Mt. Hood.

This is also an awesome image. Good composition, and good contrast and texture.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Diptychs and Triptychs

Diptych - A series of two images (paintings, photographs) that progresses.

I like how trippy and flowy the image is. 

I love the grainy texture that this image has.

I really like the vignette affect on this diptych. 

Triptych - A series of three images that convey a message or demonstrate a progression over the three images. 

I like the old fashioned feel of the images, reminds of the film 'Oh brother where art thou?', which is one of my favorite movies.

I love the creepiness of these.

These are my favorite by far. I love the strong diagonals, contrast, and abstractness. Also city is my favorite subject to shoot by far. 

Examples of Hockeys cubist work:

I really like the depth of the colors on this. Seems surreal. 

Cubism - A style of art that became popular in the early 20th century, in which simple geometric shapes, interlocking planes, and collage is used to show the image. 

Good Texture


Jeff Delgado Photography

Diego Kuffer

This one is really awesome, not sure how it was done. I wouldn't mind doing something similar to this. 

Thursday, October 25, 2012

While studying self portraits, I came across this article called "Self Portraits on Drugs". Basically, the artist, Brian Lewis Saunders, wanted to change his perception of his self. He took a different drug everyday, and drew a self portrait of himself on that drug. The portraits that followed are a somewhat frightening view of a descent into depression and an eventual hospital visit. He claims to want to continure the experiment, but space out his drug use. Here are some of the ones I like the most/felt to be the most powerful. Read the whole article and see all the pictures here + http://bryanlewissaunders.org/drugs/




Nitrous Oxide