Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Self Portraits.

Photos of me when I was little:

Me as a baby. Wearing a jeans jacket.

One of my first halloweens. I went as a bat, and my cousin (on the right) was a vampire.

Me at 3. I had just spilled a gallon of honey in the backseat of my car. My mom was not happy, but I played it off.

These days I think I look essentially the same, except I am taller and have a little more facial hair.

(me as a I write this post)

As a really young kid I was pretty social. In first second and third grade I hit my peak. I met my best friend, and we are still friends. In fifth grade I changed schools, where I met a lot of my current Lincoln friends. That was hard for me. I became really shy. It took me forever to be comfortable with people. To reach out to people. Through middle school, I was still awkward, and didn't really like the world. At lincoln I began to figure myself out, and by the end of junior year really started coming into myself. I'm really happy now, and I am only more excited for where I'm going. I still try to be that kid I was in the pictures above. 

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